Nachos with guacamole 150/70GR

29 RON

Bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and anchovies 180GR

25 RON

Bruschetta with cheeses and truffles 180GR

27 RON

Italian platter for 2 380GR

prosciutto, bresaola, copa, parmesan, olives mix, dried tomatoes, artichoke
60 RON

Halloumi skewers with mango 220GR

halloumi, mango, rucola
29 RON

Spring rolls & Mozarella sticks 150GR

25 RON


Tomatoes Soup flavored with Mint and Basil, served with Ricotta 300GR

21 RON

Vegetables cream soup with ginger 300GR

20 RON

Chicken soup wih home made pasta 300GR

22 RON

Main Courses

Duck breast with caramelized pears and wine sauce 250GR

55 RON

Beef antricot tagliata on a rucolla bed, cherry tomatoes and parmesan 250GR

70 RON

Chicken breast stuffed with dried tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, mashed potatoes and pepper sauce 400GR

48 RON

Salmon with green pepper sauce and broccoli soufflé 250GR

51 RON

Pork ribs in BBQ sauce with wedges potatoes and coleslaw salad 380/200/50GR

66 RON

Chicken and Bacon Quesadilla with wedges potatoes and BBQ sauce 230/200/50GR

45 RON

Crunchy Sweet&Chilly Chicken breast with french fries and coleslaw salad 200/150/50GR

43 RON


BBQ Burger with french fries 300/200GR

white bun, beef angus, cheddar, iceberg, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, BBQ sauce
45 RON

Marttinez Burger with french fries 300/200GR

pink bun, angus beef, cabbage, cheddar, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, Marttinez sauce, prosciutto
45 RON

Halloumi Burger with fried sweet potatoes 250/200GR

black bun, halloumi, avocado, rucola salad, tomatoes, chimichurri sauce
43 RON

Italian Burger with french fries 300/200GR

red bun, angus beef, mozzarella, rucolla, tomatoes, pesto mayonnaise
45 RON


Tagliatelle carbonara with pancetta 250/30GR

39 RON

Tagliatelle AOP with shrimps, zucchini and cherry tomatos 230/50GR

40 RON

Vegan Tagtatelle AOP 250GR

Tagliatelle, cherry tomatos, garlic, zucchini, pepper
35 RON

Tagliatelle with truffles and mascarpone 250GR

40 RON

Ravioli with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes 250GR

38 RON


Caesar Salad 220/50GR

iceberg salad, cherry tomatoes, anchovies, caesar sauce, croutons
38 RON

Greek Salad 250/50GR

salad,cherry tomatos, cucumbers, beef cheese, green olives, chicken breast
38 RON

Marttinez salad 250/70GR

mixed salad, cherry tomatos, almonds, mozarellini, chicken breast in sweet&chilli crust, green olives, parmesan, dressing
42 RON


Sautéed broccoli 200GR

19 RON

Mashed potatoes 200GR

19 RON

Mashed potatoes with truffles 200GR

21 RON

French fries(obtional parmesan) with sweet&sour sauce 180/20GR

19 RON

Fried sweet potatoes with cedar sauce 180/20GR

19 RON

Wedges potatoes (obtional parmesan) 200GR

19 RON

Basmati rice with butter and parmesan 200GR

19 RON

Green mix salad with seeds 150GR

19 RON

Rucolla salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan 150GR

19 RON


Panna Cotta with forest fruits 150GR

24 RON

Nero Tagliatelle pancakes with honey, nuts and icecream 180GR

25 RON

Lava cake 150GR

24 RON

Tiramisu 200GR

25 RON